How to read dates in Japanese (pronunciation)

When translating Japanese dates with Google Translate, I always notice that the Roman letter for the month is “-Tsuki”. The reading of month (tsuki) is correct with just one word, but the reading of the date “~ month” is incorrect. The correct pronunciation for the month in Japanese is “-Gatsu”. In addition, the Roman letters for days are not limited to -nichi”, but depending on the day, it is customary to useTsuitachi for the 1st” and “Futsuka for the 2nd -ka”.Since Japanese learners overseas are probably using the Google dictionary, I would like it to be corrected if possible.

For instance;
10 Gatsu (Jyu-Gatsu) ✅(correct)
10 Tsuki(Jyu-Tsuki) X(incorrect)
October 1st
10 Gatsu(Jyu-Gatsu) Tsuitachi (correct)
x 10 Gatsu 1-nichi(incorrect)
October 2nd
10 Gatsu(Jyu-Gatsu) Futsuka (correct)
x 10 Gatsu 2-nich (incorrect)
…samea as 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th as “-ka”
October 3rd
10 Gatsu(Jyu-Gatsu) Mikka
October 4th
10 Gatsu(Jyu-Gatsu) Yokka
October 5th
10 Gatsu(Jyu-Gatsu) Itsuka
October 6th
10 Gatsu(Jyu-Gatsu) Muika
October 7th
10 Gatsu(Jyu-Gatsu) Nanoka
October 8th
10 Gatsu(Jyu-Gatsu) Youka
October 9th
10 Gatsu(Jyu-Gatsu) Kokonoka
October 10th
10 Gatsu(Jyu-Gatsu) Touka

after 11th, use “-nichi” in Japanese
October 11th
10 Gatsu(Jyu-Gatsu) Jyu-ichi-nichi
…same as after


Google翻訳で日本語の日付を翻訳するとき、いつも気になっているのだが、月のローマ字が「-Tsuki」となっている。月(つき)という読み方は1単語だけでは正しいが、日付の「~月」の場合は誤り。日本語で月の発音は正しくは「-Gatsu」。また、日にち(day)のローマ字も「-nichi」だけでなく日によっては「1日(ついたち)Tsuitachi」「2日(ふつか)~か -ka」のようが通例。海外の日本語学習者もGoogle辞書を利用されているだろうから、できれば修正してほしいものだ。